Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization services is much more than a humble commitment close working upon your site. Search engine users just ever go outside the second or third page of search engine rankings. The audience today has become so net practicality that more than 80% of the website visitors come from the search engines. We provide your website with the following features in our Search engine optimization services package


Key Features of Investigation for Business Application:

  •  Analysis of your current website.
  •  Identification of keywords.
  •  Implementation of keywords in your website content.
  •  Submission of your website to major search engines. 
  • Rechecking the placement your website with search engine registration.
  •  And finally checking your website how it placed with search engines

Off - Page (SEO)Search Engine Optimization:

Off page SEO are the methods that are applied to rises the website’s position on search engines. This is a procedure to get outside links for your website and add to its online worth. A qualified web development company trains its team to prudently implement off page SEO laterally with on page SEO to produce best results. It also requires nonstop efforts. Our off – page SEO methods include –

  • link building
  •  directory submissions 
  • article submission 
  • social bookmarking
  •  blog comment
  •  social media, facebook fan page, twitter,Google Plus, Pinterest etc
  • search engine submission like Google, Yahoo, Bing 
  • classified add 
  • submit site in bangladeshi directory
  •  yellow pages submission

On - Page( SEO) Search Engine Optimization:

Introduction content on the pages comprises much more than script and copy pasting. To be able to reach your audience, you need to deploy the content on the website, keep it renewed, clear, interesting. Good content, articles, blogs, all need to be such that not only render information and knowledge to the reader but also hold their interest as well as that of the search engines!!

  • content
  •  title, description,
  • images
  •  page formatting
  •  categorisation 
  • sitemap
  •  url structuring
  •  internal links
  •  keywords research
  •  tag hierarchy(h1-h6) 
  • robots txt